na hi tesam kalyananam prabhavati kutascana mrtyur vina bhagavat-tejasas cakrapadesat.
na hinot; tesamof them; kalyananamwho are by nature auspicious; prabhavatiable to influence; kutascanafrom anywhere; mrtyuhdeath; vinaexcept; bhagavat-tejasahof the energy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; cakra-apadesatfrom that weapon named the Sudarsana cakra.
They live very auspiciously and do not fear death from anything but deaths established time, which is the effulgence of the Sudarsana cakra of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
This is the defect of material existence. Everything in the subterranean heavens is very nicely arranged. There are well situated residential quarters, there is a pleasing atmosphere, and there are no bodily inconveniences or mental anxieties, but nevertheless those who live there have to take another birth according to karma. Persons whose minds are dull cannot understand this defect of a materialistic civilization aiming at material comforts. One may make his living conditions very pleasing for the senses, but despite all favorable conditions, one must in due course of time meet death. The members of a demoniac civilization endeavor to make their living conditions very comfortable, but they cannot check death. The influence of the Sudarsana cakra will not allow their so-called material happiness to endure.

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