suryena hi vibhajyante
disah kham dyaur mahi bhida
svargapavargau naraka
rasaukamsi ca sarvasah
suryena—by the sun-god within the sun planet; hi—indeed; vibhajyante—are divided; disah—the directions; kham—the sky; dyauh—the heavenly planets; mahi—the earthly planets; bhida—other divisions; svarga—the heavenly planets; apavargau—and the places for liberation; narakah—the hellish planets; rasaukamsi—such as Atala; ca—also; sarvasah—all.
O King, the sun-god and the sun planet divide all the directions of the universe. It is only because of the presence of the sun that we can understand what the sky, the higher planets, this world and the lower planets are. It is also only because of the sun that we can understand which places are for material enjoyment, which are for liberation, which are hellish and subterranean.

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