mrte nda esa etasmin yad abhut tato martanda iti vyapadesah; hiranyagarbha iti yad dhiranyanda-samudbhavah.
mrtedead; andein the globe; esahthis; etasminin this; yatwhich; abhutentered personally at the time of creation; tatahfrom that; martandaMartanda; itithus; vyapadesahthe designation; hiranya-garbhahknown as Hiranyagarbha; itithus; yatbecause; hiranya-anda-samudbhavahhis material body was created from Hiranyagarbha.
The sun-god is also known as Vairaja, the total material body for all living entities. Because he entered this dull egg of the universe at the time of creation, he is also called Martanda. He is also known as Hiranyagarbha because he received his material body from Hiranyagarbha [Lord Brahma].
The post of Lord Brahma is meant for very highly elevated, spiritually advanced living beings. When such living beings are unavailable, Lord Visnu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, expands Himself as Lord Brahma. This takes place very rarely. Consequently there are two kinds of Brahmas. Sometimes Brahma is an ordinary living entity, and at other times Brahma is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The Brahma spoken of here is an ordinary living being. Whether Brahma is the Supreme Personality of Godhead or an ordinary living being, he is known as Vairaja Brahma and Hiranyagarbha Brahma. Therefore the sun-god is also accepted as Vairaja Brahma.

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