yavan manasottara-mervor antaram tavati bhumih kancany anyadarsa-talopama yasyam prahitah padartho na kathancit punah pratyupalabhyate tasmat sarva-sattva-parihrtasit.
yavat—as much as; manasottara-mervoh antaram—the land between Manasottara and Meru (beginning from the middle of Mount Sumeru); tavati—that much; bhumih—land; kancani—made of gold; anya—another; adarsa-tala-upama—whose surface is just like the surface of a mirror; yasyam—on which; prahitah—dropped; padarthah—a thing; na—not; kathancit—in any way; punah—again; pratyupalabhyate—is found; tasmat—therefore; sarva-sattva—by all living entities; parihrta—abandoned; asit—was.
Beyond the ocean of sweet water is a tract of land as broad as the area between the middle of Mount Sumeru and the boundary of Manasottara Mountain. In that tract of land there are many living beings. Beyond it, extending to Lokaloka Mountain, is another land, which is made of gold. Because of its golden surface, it reflects light like the surface of a mirror, and any physical article that falls on that land can never be perceived again. All living entities, therefore, have abandoned that golden land.

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