sisya ime bhagavatah paritah pathanti
gayanti sama sarahasyam ajasram isam
yusmac-chikha-vilulitah sumano ’bhivrstih
sarve bhajanty rsi-gana iva veda-sakhah
sisyah—disciples, followers; ime—these; bhagavatah—of your worshipable self; paritah—surrounding; pathanti—are reciting; gayanti—are singing; sama—the Sama Veda; sa-rahasyam—with the confidential portion; ajasram—incessantly; isam—unto the Lord; yusmat—your; sikha—from bunches of hair; vilulitah—fallen; sumanah—of flowers; abhivrstih—showers; sarve—all; bhajanti—enjoy, resort to; rsi-ganah—sages; iva—like; veda-sakhah—branches of Vedic literature.
Seeing the bumblebees following Purvacitti, Maharaja Agnidhra said: My dear Lord, the bumblebees surrounding your body are like disciples surrounding your worshipable self. They are incessantly chanting the mantras of the Sama Veda and the Upanisads, thus offering prayers to you. Just as great sages resort to the branches of Vedic literatures, the bumblebees are enjoying the showers of flowers falling from your hair.

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