jarayujam svedajam andajodbhidam
caracaram devarsi-pitr-bhutam aindriyam
dyauh kham ksitih saila-sarit-samudra-
dvipa-graharksety abhidheya ekah
jarayu-jam—one born from a womb; sveda-jam—one born from perspiration; anda-ja—one born from an egg; udbhidam—one born of the earth; cara-acaram—the moving and the stationary; deva—the demigods; rsi—the great sages; pitr—the inhabitants of Pitrloka; bhutam—the material elements air, fire, water and earth; aindriyam—all the senses; dyauh—the higher planetary systems; kham—the sky; ksitih—the earthly planets; saila—the hills and mountains; sarit—the rivers; samudra—the oceans; dvipa—the islands; graha-rksa—the stars and planets; iti—thus; abhidheyah—to be variously named; ekah—one.
My dear Lord, You manifest Your different energies in countless forms: as living entities born from wombs, from eggs and from perspiration; as plants and trees that grow out of the earth; as all living entities, both moving and standing, including the demigods, the learned sages and the pitas; as outer space, as the higher planetary system containing the heavenly planets, and as the planet earth with its hills, rivers, seas, oceans and islands. Indeed, all the stars and planets are simply manifestations of Your different energies, but originally You are one without a second. Therefore there is nothing beyond You. This entire cosmic manifestation is therefore not false but is simply a temporary manifestation of Your inconceivable energy.
This verse completely rejects the theory of brahma satyam jagan mithya, which states that spirit, or Brahman, is real, whereas the manifested material world, with its great variety of things, is false. Nothing is false. One thing may be permanent and another temporary, but both the permanent and the temporary are facts. For example, if someone becomes angry for a certain period, no one can say that his anger is false. It is simply temporary. Everything we experience in our daily lives is of this same character; it is temporary but real.
The different kinds of living entities coming from various sources are very clearly described in this verse. Some are born from a womb and some (like certain insects) from human perspiration. Others hatch from eggs, and still others sprout from the earth. A living entity takes birth under different circumstances according to his past activities (karma). Although the body of the living entity is material, it is never false. No one will accept the argument that since a person’s material body is false, murder has no repercussions. Our temporary bodies are given to us according to our karma, and we must remain in our given bodies to enjoy the pains and pleasures of life. Our bodies cannot be called false; they are only temporary. In other words, the energy of the Supreme Lord is as permanent as the Lord Himself, although His energy is sometimes manifest and sometimes not. As summarized in the Vedas, sarvam khalv idam brahma: “Everything is Brahman.”

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