bhaje bhajanyarana-pada-pankajam
bhagasya krtsnasya param parayanam
bhaktesv alam bhavita-bhuta-bhavanam
bhavapaham tva bhava-bhavam isvaram
bhaje—I worship; bhajanya—O worshipable Lord; arana-pada-pankajam—whose lotus feet protect His devotees from all fearful situations; bhagasya—of opulences; krtsnasya—of all different varieties (wealth, fame, strength, knowledge, beauty and renunciation); param—the best; parayanam—the ultimate shelter; bhaktesu—to the devotees; alam—beyond value; bhavita-bhuta-bhavanam—who manifests His different forms for the satisfaction of His devotees; bhava-apaham—who stops the devoteesí repetition of birth and death; tva—unto You; bhava-bhavam—who is the origin of the material creation; isvaram—the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
O my Lord, You are the only worshipable person, for You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the reservoir of all opulences. Your secure lotus feet are the only source of protection for all Your devotees, whom You satisfy by manifesting Yourself in various forms. O my Lord, You deliver Your devotees from the clutches of material existence. Nondevotees, however, remain entangled in material existence by Your will. Kindly accept me as Your eternal servant.

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