yad-upajosanad bhavanya anucarinam punya-jana-vadhunam avayava-sparsa-sugandha-vato dasa-yojanam samantad anuvasayati.
yat—of which; upajosanat—because of using the fragrant water; bhavanyah—of Bhavani, the wife of Lord Siva; anucarinam—of attendant maidservants; punya-jana-vadhunam—who are wives of the most pious Yaksas; avayava—of the bodily limbs; sparsa—from contact; sugandha-vatah—the wind, which becomes fragrant; dasa-yojanam—up to ten yojanas (about eighty miles); samantat—all around; anuvasayati—makes fragrant.
The pious wives of the Yaksas act as personal maidservants to assist Bhavani, the wife of Lord Siva. Because they drink the water of the River Arunoda, their bodies become fragrant, and as the air carries away that fragrance, it perfumes the entire atmosphere for eighty miles around.

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