tesam visiryamananam ati-madhura-surabhi-sugandhi-bahularuna-rasodenarunoda nama nadi mandara-giri-sikharan nipatanti pur-venelavrtam upaplavayati.
tesamof all the mangoes; visiryamananambeing broken because of falling from the top; ati-madhuravery sweet; surabhifragrant; sugandhiscented with other aromas; bahulalarge quantities; aruna-rasa-udenaby reddish juice; arunodaArunoda; namanamed; nadithe river; mandara-giri-sikharatfrom the top of Mandara Mountain; nipatantifalling down; purvenaon the eastern side; ilavrtamthrough Ilavrta-varsa; upaplavayatiflows.
When all those solid fruits fall from such a height, they break, and the sweet, fragrant juice within them flows out and becomes increasingly more fragrant as it mixes with other scents. That juice cascades from the mountain in waterfalls and becomes a river called Arunoda, which flows pleasantly through the eastern side of Ilavrta.

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