gayaṁ nṛpaḥ kaḥ pratiyāti karmabhir
yajvābhimānī bahuvid dharma-goptā
samāgata-śrīḥ sadasas-patiḥ satāṁ
sat-sevako ’nyo bhagavat-kalām ṛte
gayam—King Gaya; nṛpaḥ—king; kaḥ—who; pratiyāti—is a match for; karmabhiḥ—by his execution of ritualistic ceremonies; yajvā—who performed all sacrifices; abhimānī—so widely respected all over the world; bahu-vit—fully aware of the conclusion of Vedic literature; dharma-goptā—protector of the occupational duties of everyone; samāgata-śrīḥ—possessing all kinds of opulence; sadasaḥ-patiḥ satām—the dean of the assembly of great persons; sat-sevakaḥ—servant of the devotees; anyaḥ—anyone else; bhagavat-kalām—the plenary incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; ṛte—besides.
The great King Gaya used to perform all kinds of Vedic rituals. He was highly intelligent and expert in studying all the Vedic literatures. He maintained the religious principles and possessed all kinds of opulence. He was a leader among gentlemen and a servant of the devotees. He was a totally qualified plenary expansion of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Therefore who could equal him in the performance of gigantic ritualistic ceremonies?

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