tasyemam gatham pandaveya puravida upagayanti.
tasyaof King Gaya; imamthese; gathampoetic verses of glorification; pandaveyaO Maharaja Pariksit; pura-vidahthose learned in the historical events of the puranas; upagayantising.
My dear King Pariksit, those who are learned scholars in the histories of the Puranas eulogize and glorify King Gaya with the following verses.
The historical references to exalted kings serve as a good example for present rulers. Those who are ruling the world at the present moment should take lessons from King Gaya, King Yudhisthira and King Prthu and rule the citizens so that they will be happy. presently the governments are levying taxes without improving the citizens in any cultural, religious, social or political way. According to the Vedas, this is not recommended.

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