yam abhyasincan paraya muda satih
satyasiso daksa-kanyah saridbhih
yasya prajanam duduhe dharasiso
nirasiso guna-vatsa-snutodhah
yam—whom; abhyasincan—bathed; paraya—with great; muda—satisfaction; satih—all chaste and devoted to their husbands; satya—true; asisah—whose blessings; daksa-kanyah—the daughters of King Daksa; saridbhih—with sanctified water; yasya—whose; prajanam—of the citizens; duduhe—fulfilled; dhara—the planet earth; asisah—of all desires; nirasisah—although personally having no desire; guna-vatsa-snuta-udhah—earth becoming like a cow whose udders flowed upon seeing Gaya’s qualities in ruling over the citizens.
All the chaste and honest daughters of Maharaja Daksa, such as Sraddha, Maitri and Daya, whose blessings were always effective, bathed Maharaja Gaya with sanctified water. Indeed, they were very satisfied with Maharaja Gaya. The planet earth personified came as a cow, and, as though she saw her calf, she delivered milk profusely when she saw all the good qualities of Maharaja Gaya. In other words, Maharaja Gaya was able to derive all benefits from the earth and thus satisfy the desires of his citizens. However, he personally had no desire.
The earth over which Maharaja Gaya ruled is compared to a cow. The good qualities whereby he maintained and ruled the citizens are compared to the calf. A cow delivers milk in the presence of her calf; similarly the cow, or earth, fulfilled the desires of Maharaja Gaya, who was able to utilize all the resources of the earth to benefit his citizens. This was possible because he was bathed in sanctified water by the honest daughters of Daksa. Unless a king or ruler is blessed by authorities, he cannot rule the citizens very satisfactorily. Through the good qualities of the ruler, the citizens become very happy and well qualified.

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