kvacic chīta-vātādy-aneka-daivika-bhautikātmīyānāṁ duḥkhānāṁ pratinivāraṇe ’kalpo duranta-viṣaya-viṣaṇṇa āste.
kvacit—sometimes; śīta-vāta-ādi—such as extreme cold or wind; aneka—many; daivika—offered by the demigods or powers beyond our control; bhautika—offered by other living entities; ātmīyānām—offered by the conditioned material body and mind; duḥkhānām—the many miseries; pratinivāraṇe—in counteracting; akalpaḥ—being unable; duranta—insurmountable; viṣaya—from connection with sense gratification; viṣaṇṇaḥ—morose; āste—he remains.
The conditioned soul suffers many miserable bodily conditions, such as being affected by severe cold and strong winds. He also suffers due to the activities of other living beings and due to natural disturbances. When he is unable to counteract them and has to remain in a miserable condition, he naturally becomes very morose because he wants to enjoy material facilities.

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