kvacid drumavad aihikarthesu grhesu ramsyan yatha vanarah suta-dara-vatsalo vyavaya-ksanah.
kvacit—sometimes; druma-vat—like trees (as monkeys jump from one tree to another, the conditioned soul transmigrates from one body to another); aihika-arthesu—simply to bring about better worldly comforts; grhesu—in houses (or bodies); ramsyan—delighting (in one body after another, either in animal life, human life or demigod life); yatha—exactly as; vanarah—the monkey; suta-dara-vatsalah—very affectionate to the children and wife; vyavaya-ksanah—whose leisure time is spent in sex pleasure.
Just as a monkey jumps from one tree to another, the conditioned soul jumps from one body to another. As the monkey is ultimately captured by the hunter and is unable to get out of captivity, the conditioned soul, being captivated by momentary sex pleasure, becomes attached to different types of bodies and is encaged in family life. Family life affords the conditioned soul a festival of momentary sex pleasure, and thus he is completely unable to get out of the material clutches.
As stated in Srimad-Bhagavatam (11.9.29): visayah khalu sarvatah syat. Bodily necessities—eating, sleeping, mating and defending—are all very easily available in any form of life. It is stated here that the vanara (monkey) is very much attracted to sex. Each monkey keeps at least two dozen wives, and he jumps from one tree to another to capture the female monkeys. Thus he immediately engages in sexual intercourse. In this way the monkey’s business is to jump from one tree to another and enjoy sex with his wives. The conditioned soul is doing the same thing, transmigrating from one body to another and engaging in sex. He thus completely forgets how to become free from the clutches of material encagement. Sometimes the monkey is captured by a hunter. who sells its body to doctors so that its glands can be removed for the benefit of another monkey. All this is going on in the name of economic development and improved sex life.

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