kvacid uluka-jhilli-svanavad ati-parusa-rabhasatopam pratyaksam paroksam va ripu-raja-kula-nirbhartsitenati-vyathita-karna-mula-hrdayah.
kvacit—sometimes; uluka—of the owl; jhilli—and the cricket; svana-vat—exactly like intolerable sounds; ati-parusa—extremely piercing; rabhasa—by perseverance; atopam—agitation; pratyaksam—directly; paroksam—indirectly; va—or; ripu—of enemies; raja-kula—and of government officers; nirbhartsitena—by chastisement; ati-vyathita—very aggrieved; karna-mula-hrdayah—whose ear and heart.
Sometimes the conditioned soul is very aggrieved by the chastisement of his enemies and government servants, who use harsh words against him directly or indirectly. At that time his heart and ears become very saddened. Such chastisement may be compared to the sounds of owls and crickets.
There are different types of enemies within this material world. The government chastises one due to not paying income taxes. Such criticism, direct or indirect, saddens one, and sometimes the conditioned soul tries to counteract that chastisement. Unfortunately, he cannot do anything.

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