drumesu ramsyan suta-dara-vatsalo
vyavaya-dino vivasah sva-bandhane
kvacit pramadad giri-kandare patan
vallim grhitva gaja-bhita asthitah
drumesu—in the trees (or in houses standing like trees in which monkeys jump from one branch to another); ramsyan—enjoying; suta-dara-vatsalah—being attached to the children and wife; vyavaya-dinah—who is poor-hearted because of acting on the platform of sex desire; vivasah—unable to give up; sva-bandhane—in bondage to the reactions of one’s own activities; kvacit—sometimes; pramadat—from fear of imminent death; giri-kandare—in a cave in a mountain; patan—falling down; vallim—the branches of a creeper; grhitva—capturing; gaja-bhitah—being afraid of the elephant of death; asthitah—remains in that position.
When the living entity becomes exactly like a monkey jumping from one branch to another, he remains in the tree of household life without any profit but sex. Thus he is kicked by his wife just like the he-ass. Unable to gain release, he remains helplessly in that position. Sometimes he falls victim to am incurable disease, which is like falling into a mountain cave. He becomes afraid of death, which is like the elephant in the back of that cave, and he remains stranded, grasping at the twigs and branches of a creeper.
The precarious condition of a householder’s life is described herein. A householder’s life is full of misery, and the only attraction is sex with the wife who kicks him during sexual intercourse, just as the she-ass does her mate. Due to continuous sex life, he falls victim to many incurable diseases. At that time, being afraid of death, which is like an elephant. he remains hanging from the twigs and branches of the tree, just like a monkey.

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