tair vancito hamsa-kulam samavisann
arocayan silam upaiti vanaran
taj-jati-rasena sunirvrtendriyah
taih—by them (the cheaters and pretenders, the so-called yogis, svamis, incarnations and gurus); vancitah—being cheated; hamsa-kulam—the association of great paramahamsas, or devotees; samavisan—contacting; arocayan—not being satisfied with; silam—their behavior; upaiti—approaches; vanaran—the monkeys, which are all debauchees with no good character; tat-jati-rasena—by sense gratification in the association of such debauchees; sunirvrta-indriyah—being very satisfied with getting the opportunity of sense gratification; paraspara—of one another; udviksana—by seeing the faces; vismrta—who has forgotten; avadhih—the end of life.
Being cheated by them, the living entity in the forest of the material world tries to give up the association of these so-called yogis, svamis and incarnations and come to the association of real devotees, but due to misfortune he cannot follow the instructions of the spiritual master or advanced devotees; therefore he gives up their company and again returns to the association of monkeys who are simply interested in sense gratification and women. He derives satisfaction by associating with sense gratifiers and enjoying sex and intoxication. In this way he spoils his life simply by indulging in sex and intoxication. Looking into the faces of other sense gratifiers, he becomes forgetful and thus approaches death.
Sometimes a foolish person becomes disgusted with bad association and comes to the association of devotees and brahmanas and takes initiation from a spiritual master. As advised by the spiritual master, he tries to follow the regulative principles, but due to misfortune he cannot follow the instructions of the spiritual master. He therefore gives up the company of devotees and goes to associate with simian people who are simply interested in sex and intoxication. Those who are so-called spiritualists are compared to monkeys. Outwardly, monkeys sometimes resemble sadhus because they live naked in the forest and pick fruits, but their only desire is to keep many female monkeys and enjoy sex life. Sometimes so-called spiritualists seeking a spiritual life come to associate with Krsna conscious devotees, but they cannot execute the regulative principles or follow the path of spiritual life. Consequently they leave the association of devotees and go to associate with sense gratifiers, who are compared to monkeys. Again they revive their sex and intoxication, and looking at one another’s faces, they are thus satisfied. In this way they pass their lives up to the point of death.

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