nunam vimusta-matayas tava mayaya te
ye tvam bhavapyaya-vimoksanam anya-hetoh
arcanti kalpaka-tarum kunapopabhogyam
icchanti yat sparsajam niraye pi nrnam
nunamcertainly; vimusta-matayahthose who have lost their right intelligence; tavaYour; mayayaby the influence of the illusory energy; tethey; yewho; tvamYou; bhavafrom birth; apyayaand death; vimoksanamthe cause of liberation; anya-hetohfor other purposes; arcantiworship; kalpaka-tarumwho are like the desire tree; kunapaof this dead body; upabhogyamsense gratification; icchantithey desire; yatthat which; sparsa-jamderived by touch sensation; nirayein hell; apieven; nrnamfor persons.
Persons who worship You simply for the sense gratification of this bag of skin are certainly influenced by Your illusory energy. In spite of having You, who are like a desire tree and are the cause of liberation from birth and death, foolish persons, such as me, desire benedictions from You for sense gratification, which is available even for those who live in hellish conditions.
Dhruva Maharaja repented because he had come to the Lord to render devotional service for material profit. He here condemns his attitude. Only due to gross lack of knowledge does one worship the Lord for material profit or for sense gratification. The Lord is like a desire tree. Anyone can have whatever he desires from the Lord, but people in general do not know what kind of benediction they should ask from Him. Happiness derived from the touch of skin, or sensuous happiness, is present in the life of hogs and dogs. Such happiness is very insignificant. If a devotee worships the Lord for such insignificant happiness, he must be considered devoid of all knowledge.

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