narada uvaca
ma ma sucah sva-tanayam
deva-guptam visampate
tat-prabhavam avijnaya
pravrnkte yad-yaso jagat
naradah uvaca—the great sage Narada said; ma—do not; ma—do not; sucah—be aggrieved; sva-tanayam—of your own son; deva-guptam—he is well protected by the Lord; visam-pate—O master of human society; tat—his; prabhavam—influence; avijnaya—without knowing; pravrnkte—widespread; yat—whose; yasah—reputation; jagat—all over the world.
The great sage Narada replied: My dear King, please do not he aggrieved about your son. He is well protected by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Although you have no actual information of his influence, his reputation is already spread all over the world.
Sometimes when we hear that great sages and devotees go to the forest and engage themselves in devotional service or meditation, we become surprised: how can one live in the forest and not be taken care of by anyone? But the answer, given by a great authority, Narada Muni, is that such persons are well protected by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Saranagati, or surrender, means acceptance or firm belief that wherever the surrendered soul lives he is always protected by the Supreme Personality of Godhead; he is never alone or unprotected. Dhruva Maharaja’s affectionate father thought his young boy, only five years old, to be in a very precarious position in the jungle, but Narada Muni assured him, “You do not have sufficient information about the influence of your son.” Anyone who engages in devotional service, anywhere within this universe, is never unprotected.

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