apy anatham vane brahman
ma smadanty arbhakam vrkah
srantam sayanam ksudhitam
api—certainly; anatham—without being protected by anyone; vane—in the forest; brahman—my dear brahmana; ma—whether or not; sma—did not; adanti—devour; arbhakam—the helpless boy; vrkah—wolves; srantam—being fatigued; sayanam—lying down; ksudhitam—being hungry; parimlana—emaciated; mukha-ambujam—his face, which is just like a lotus flower.
My dear brahmana, the face of my son was just like a lotus flower. I am thinking of his precarious condition. He is unprotected, and he might he very hungry. He might have lain down somewhere in the forest, and the wolves might have attacked him to eat his body.

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