ity uktas tam parikramya
pranamya ca nrparbhakah
yayau madhuvanam punyam
hares carana-carcitam
iti—thus; uktah—being spoken; tam—him (Narada Muni); parikramya—by circumambulating; pranamya—by offering obeisances; ca—also; nrpa-arbhakah—the boy of the King; yayau—went to; madhuvanam—a forest in Vrndavana known as Madhuvana; punyam—which is auspicious and pious; hareh—of the Lord; carana-carcitam—imprinted by the lotus feet of Lord Krsna.
When Dhruva Maharaja, the son of the King, was thus advised by the great sage Narada, he circumambulated Narada, his spiritual master, and offered him respectful obeisances. Then he started for Madhuvana, which is always imprinted with the lotus footprints of Lord Krsna and which is therefore especially auspicious.

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