tapasaradhya purusam
tasyaivanugrahena me
garbhe tvam sadhayatmanam
yadicchasi nrpasanam
tapasa—by austerities; aradhya—having satisfied; purusam—the Supreme Personality of Godhead; tasya—by His; eva—only; anugrahena—by the mercy of; me—my; garbhe—in the womb; tvam—you; sadhaya—place; atmanam—yourself; yadi—if; icchasi—you desire; nrpa-asanam—on the throne of the King.
If you at all desire to rise to the throne of the King, then you have to undergo severe austerities. First of all you must satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Narayana, and then, when you are favored by Him because of such worship, you shall have to take your next birth from my womb.
Suruci was so envious of Dhruva Maharaja that she indirectly asked him to change his body. According to her, first of all he had to die, then take his next body in her womb, and only then would it be possible for Dhruva Maharaja to ascend the throne of his father.

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