tasmin brahmany advitiye
kevale paramatmani
brahma-rudrau ca bhutani
bhedenajno nupasyati
tasminHim; brahmanithe Supreme Brahman; advitiyewithout a second; kevalebeing one; parama-atmanithe Supersoul; brahma-rudrauboth Brahma and Siva; caand; bhutanithe living entities; bhedenawith separation; ajnahone who is not properly conversant; anupasyatithinks.
The Lord continued: One who is not in proper knowledge thinks that demigods like Brahma and Siva are independent, or he even thinks that the living entities are independent.
The living entities, including Brahma, are not independently separated, but are counted within the marginal potency of the Supreme Lord. The Supreme Lord, being the Supersoul in every living entity, including Lord Brahma and Lord Siva, is directing everyone in the activities of the material modes of nature. No one can act independently of the sanction of the Lord, and therefore, indirectly, no one is different from the Supreme Personcertainly not Brahma and Rudra, who are incarnations of the material natures modes of passion and ignorance.

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