bhrgur uvaca
yan mayaya gahanayapahrtatma-bodha
brahmadayas tanu-bhrtas tamasi svapantah
natman-sritam tava vidanty adhunapi tattvam
so ’yam prasidatu bhavan pranatatma-bandhuh
bhrguh uvaca—Sri Bhrgu said; yat—who; mayaya—by illusory energy; gahanaya—insurmountable; apahrta—stolen; atma-bodhah—knowledge of the constitutional position; brahma-adayah—Lord Brahma, etc.; tanu-bhrtah—embodied living entities; tamasi—in the darkness of illusion; svapantah—lying down; na—not; atman—in the living entity; sritam—situated in; tava—Your; vidanti—understand; adhuna—now; api—certainly; tattvam—absolute position; sah—You; ayam—this; prasidatu—be kind; bhavan—Your Lordship; pranata-atma—surrendered soul; bandhuh—friend.
Sri Bhrgu said: My dear Lord, all living entities, beginning from the highest, namely Lord Brahma, down to the ordinary ant, are under the influence of the insurmountable spell of illusory energy, and thus they are ignorant of their constitutional position. Everyone believes in the concept of the body, and all are thus submerged in the darkness of illusion. They are actually unable to understand how You live in every living entity as the Supersoul, nor can they understand Your absolute position. But You are the eternal friend and protector of all surrendered souls. Therefore, please be kind toward us and forgive all our offenses.
Bhrgu Muni was conscious of the scandalous behavior exhibited by each and every one of them, including Brahma and Lord Siva, in the sacrificial ceremony of Daksa. By mentioning Brahma, the chief of all living entities within this material world, he wanted to state that everyone, including also Brahma and Lord Siva, is under the concept of the body and under the spell of material energy—all but Visnu. That is the version of Bhrgu. As long as one is under the concept of the body as self, it is very difficult to understand the Supersoul or the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Conscious that he was not greater than Brahma-, Bhrgu included himself in the list of offenders. Ignorant personalities, or conditioned souls, have no choice but to accept their precarious condition under material nature. The only remedy is to surrender to Visnu and always pray to be excused. One should depend only on the causeless mercy of the Lord for deliverance and not even slightly on one’s own strength. That is the perfect position of a Krsna conscious person. The Lord is everyone’s friend, but He is especially friendly to the surrendered soul. The simple process, therefore, is that a conditioned soul should remain surrendered to the Lord, and the Lord will give him all protection to keep him out of the clutches of material contamination.

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