rtvija ucuh
tattvam na te vayam ananjana rudra-sapat
karmany avagraha-dhiyo bhagavan vidamah
dharmopalaksanam idam trivrd adhvarakhyam
jnatam yad-artham adhidaivam ado vyavasthah
rtvijahthe priests; ucuhbegan to say; tattvamtruth; nanot; teof Your Lordship; vayamall of us; ananjanawithout material contamination; rudraLord Siva; sapatby his curse; karmaniin fruitive activities; avagrahabeing too much attached; dhiyahof such intelligence; bhagavanO Lord; vidamahknow; dharmareligion; upalaksanamsymbolized; idamthis; tri-vrtthe three departments of knowledge of the Vedas; adhvarasacrifice; akhyamof the name; jnatamknown to us; yatthat; arthamfor the matter of; adhidaivamfor worshiping the demigods; adahthis; vyavasthaharrangement.
The priests addressed the Lord, saying: O Lord, transcendental to material contamination, by the curse offered by Lord Sivas men we have become attached to fruitive activities, and thus we are now fallen and therefore do not know anything about You. On the contrary, we are now involved in the injunctions of the three departments of the Vedic knowledge under the plea of executing rituals in the name of yajna. We know that You have made arrangements for distributing the respective shares of the demigods.
The Vedas are known as traigunya-visaya vedah (Bg. 2.45). Those who are serious students of the Vedas are very much attached to the ritualistic ceremonies mentioned in the Vedas, and therefore these veda-vadis cannot understand that the ultimate goal of the Vedas is to understand Lord Krsna, or Visnu. Those who have transcended the qualitative Vedic attractions, however, can understand Krsna, who is never contaminated by the material qualities. Therefore Lord Visnu is addressed here as ananjana (free from material contamination). In Bhagavad-gita (2.42) the crude Vedic scholars have been deprecated by Krsna as follows:
Men of small knowledge are very much attached to the flowery words of the Vedas, and they say that there is nothing more than this.

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