sanandanadyair maha-siddhaih
santaih samsanta-vigraham
upasyamanam sakhya ca
bhartra guhyaka-raksasam
sanandana-adyaihthe four Kumaras, headed by Sanandana; maha-siddhaihliberated souls; santaihsaintly; samsanta-vigrahamthe grave and saintly Lord Siva; upasyamanamwas being praised; sakhyaby Kuvera; caand; bhartraby the master; guhyaka-raksasamof the Guhyakas and the Raksasas.
Lord Siva sat there, surrounded by saintly persons like Kuvera, the master of the Guhyakas, and the four Kumaras, who were already liberated souls. Lord Siva was grave and saintly.
The personalities sitting with Lord Siva are significant because the four Kumaras were liberated from birth. It may be remembered that after their birth these Kumaras were requested by their father to get married and beget children in order to increase the population of the newly created universe. But they refused, and at that time Lord Brahma was angry. In that angry mood, Rudra, or Lord Siva, was born. Thus they were intimately related. Kuvera, the treasurer of the demigods, is fabulously rich. Thus Lord Sivas association with the Kumaras and Kuvera indicates that he has all transcendental and material opulences. Actually, he is the qualitative incarnation of the Supreme Lord; therefore his position is very exalted.

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