sa yojana-satotsedhah
nirnidas tapa-varjitah
sah—that banyan tree; yojana-sata—one hundred yojanas (eight hundred miles); utsedhah—height; pada-una—less by a quarter (six hundred miles); vitapa—by the branches; ayatah—spread out; paryak—all around; krta—made; acala—unshaken; chayah—the shadow; nirnidah—without bird nests; tapa-varjitah—without heat.
That banyan tree was eight hundred miles high, and its branches spread over six hundred miles around. The tree cast a fine shade which permanently cooled the temperature, yet there was no noise of birds.
Generally, in every tree there are bird nests, and the birds congregate in the evening and create noise. But it appears that this banyan tree was devoid of nests, and therefore it was calm, quiet and peaceful. There were no disturbances from noise or heat, and therefore this place was just suitable for meditation.

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