āhvayantam ivoddhastair
dvijān kāma-dughair drumaiḥ
vrajantam iva mātaṅgair
gṛṇantam iva nirjharaiḥ
āhvayantam—calling; iva—as if; ut-hastaiḥ—with upraised hands (branches); dvijān—the birds; kāma-dughaiḥ—yielding desires; drumaiḥ—with trees; vrajantam—moving; iva—as if; mātaṅgaiḥ—by elephants; gṛṇantam—resounding; iva—as if; nirjharaiḥ—by the waterfalls.
There are tall trees with straight branches that appear to call the sweet birds, and when herds of elephants pass through the hills, it appears that the Kailāsa Hill moves with them. When the waterfalls resound, it appears that Kailāsa Hill does also.

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