praja-visarga adistah
pitra mam anuvartata
tatra kanyam vararoham
tam udvahata ma ciram
praja-visargeto create progeny; adistahbeing ordered; pitraby your father; mamMy direction; anuvartatafollowing; tatrathere; kanyamthe daughter; vara-arohamhighly qualified and exquisitely beautiful; tamher; udvahatamarry; mawithout; ciramwasting time.
Since all of you are very much obedient to My orders, I ask you to immediately marry that girl, who is so well qualified with beauty and good qualities. According to the order of your father, create progeny through her.
The Pracetas not only were great devotees of the Supreme Personality of Godhead but were very obedient to the orders of their father. Therefore the Lord asked them to marry the daughter of Pramloca.

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