ksut-ksamaya mukhe raja
somah piyusa-varsinim
desinim rodamanaya
nidadhe sa dayanvitah
ksut—by hunger; ksamayah—when she was distressed; mukhe—within the mouth; raja—the king; somah—the moon; piyusa—nectar; varsinim—pouring; desinim—forefinger; rodamanayah—while she was crying; nidadhe—placed; sah—he; daya-anvitah—being compassionate.
Thereafter the child, who was left to the care of the trees, began to cry in hunger. At that time the king of the forest, namely the king of the moon planet, out of compassion placed his finger, which poured forth nectar, within the child’s mouth. Thus the child was raised by the mercy of the king of the moon.
Although the Apsara left her child to the care of the trees, the trees could not take care of the child properly; therefore the trees handed the child over to the king of the moon. Thus Candra, king of the moon, put his finger within the mouth of the child to satisfy her hunger.

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