vyaktam tvam utkrsta-gateh prajapateh
priyatmajanam asi subhru me mata
tathapi manam na pituh prapatsyase
mad-asrayat kah paritapyate yatah
vyaktam—it is clear; tvam—you; utkrsta-gateh—having the best behavior; prajapateh—of Prajapati Daksa; priya—the pet; atmajanam—of the daughters; asi—you are; subhru—O you with the beautiful eyebrows; me—my; mata—considered; tatha api—yet; manam—honor; na—not; pituh—from your father; prapatsyase—you will meet with; mat-asrayat—from connection with me; kahDaksa; paritapyate—is feeling pain; yatah—from whom.
My dear white-complexioned wife, it is clear that of the many daughters of Daksa you are the pet, yet you will not be honored at his house because of your being my wife. Rather, you will be sorry that you are connected with me.
Lord Siva put forward the argument that even if Sati proposed to go alone, without her husband, still she would not be received well because she was his wife. There was every chance of a catastrophe, even if she wanted to go alone. Therefore Lord Siva indirectly requested her not to go to her fatherís house.

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