naitadrsanam sva-jana-vyapeksaya
grhan pratiyad anavasthitatmanam
ye bhyagatan vakra-dhiyabhicaksate
aropita-bhrubhir amarsanaksibhih
nanot; etadrsanamlike this; sva-janakinsmen; vyapeksayadepending on that; grhanin the house of; pratiyatone should go; anavasthitadisturbed; atmanammind; yethose; abhyagatanguests; vakra-dhiyawith a cold reception; abhicaksatelooking at; aropita-bhrubhihwith raised eyebrows; amarsanaangry; aksibhihwith the eyes.
One should not go to anyones house, even on the consideration of his being a relative or a friend, when the man is disturbed in his mind and looks upon the guest with raised eyebrows and angry eyes.
However low a person may be, he is never unkind to his children, wife and nearest kin; even a tiger is kind to its cubs, for within the animal kingdom the cubs are treated very nicely. Since Sati was the daughter of Daksa, however cruel and contaminated he might be, naturally it was expected that he would receive her very nicely. But here it is indicated by the word anavasthita that such a person cannot be trusted. Tigers are very kind to their cubs, but it is also known that sometimes they eat them. Malicious persons should not be trusted, because they are always unsteady. Thus Sati was advised not to go to her fathers house because to accept such a father as a relative and to go to his house without being properly invited was not suitable.

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