katham sutayah pitr-geha-kautukam
nisamya dehah sura-varya nengate
anahuta apy abhiyanti sauhrdam
bhartur guror deha-krtas ca ketanam
kathamhow; sutayahof a daughter; pitr-geha-kautukamthe festival in the house of her father; nisamyahearing; dehahthe body; sura-varyaO best of the demigods; nanot; ingatedisturbed; anahutahwithout being called; apieven; abhiyantigoes; sauhrdama friend; bhartuhof the husband; gurohof the spiritual master; deha-krtahof the father; caand; ketanamthe house.
O best of the demigods, how can the body of a daughter remain undisturbed when she hears that some festive event is taking place in her fathers house? Even though you may be considering that I have not been invited, there is no harm if one goes to the house of ones friend, husband, spiritual master or father without invitation.

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