kala-kanya jara saksal
lokas tam nabhinandati
svasaram jagrhe mrtyuh
ksayaya yavanesvarah
kala-kanyathe daughter of Time; jaraold age; saksatdirectly; lokahall living entities; tamher; nanever; abhinandatiwelcome; svasaramas his sister; jagrheaccepted; mrtyuhdeath; ksayayafor destruction; yavana-isvarahthe King of the Yavanas.
What was described as Kalakanya should be understood as old age. No one wants to accept old age, but Yavanesvara [Yavana-raja], who is death, accepts Jara [old age] as his sister.
Encaged within the body, the living being accepts Kalakanya, old age, just before death. Yavanesvara is the emblem of death, Yamaraja. Before going to the place of Yamaraja, the living entity accepts Jara, old age, the sister of Yamaraja. One is subjected to the influence of Yavana-raja and his sister due to impious activity. Those who are in Krsna consciousness and are engaged in devotional service under the instructions of Narada Muni are not subjected to the influence of Yamaraja and his sister Jara. If one is Krsna conscious, he conquers death. After leaving the material body, he does not accept another body that is material but returns home, back to Godhead. This is verified by Bhagavad-gita (4.9).

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