vaisasam narakam payur
lubdhako ndhau tu me srnu
hasta-padau pumams tabhyam
yukto yati karoti ca
vaisasamnamed Vaisasa; narakamhell; payuhthe working sense in the rectum; lubdhakahnamed Lubdhaka (very greedy); andhaublind; tuthen; meto me; srnulisten; hasta-padauhands and legs; pumanthe living entity; tabhyamwith them; yuktahbeing engaged; yatigoes; karotiworks; caand.
When it is said that Puranjana goes to Vaisasa, it is meant that he goes to hell. He is accompanied by Lubdhaka, which is the working sense in the rectum. Formerly I have also spoken of two blind associates. These associates should be understood to be the hands and legs. Being helped by the hands and legs, the living entity performs all kinds of work and moves hither and thither.

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