grastayam kala-kanyaya
puryam prajvara-samsrstah
pura-palo nvatapyata
yavanaby the Yavanas; uparuddhaattacked; ayatanahhis abode; grastayamwhen seized; kala-kanyayaby the daughter of Time; puryamthe city; prajvara-samsrstahbeing approached by Prajvara; pura-palahthe city superintendent; anvatapyatabecame also very much aggrieved.
The citys superintendent of police, the serpent, saw that the citizens were being attacked by Kalakanya, and he became very aggrieved to see his own residence set ablaze after being attacked by the Yavanas.
The living entity is covered by two different types of bodiesthe gross body and the subtle body. At death we can see that the gross body is finished, but actually the living entity is carried by the subtle body to another gross body. The so-called scientists of the modern age cannot see how the subtle body is working in carrying the soul from one body to another. This subtle body has been figuratively described as a serpent, or the citys police superintendent. When there is fire everywhere, the police superintendent cannot escape either. When there is security and an absence of fire in the city, the police superintendent can impose his authority upon the citizens, but when there is an all-out attack on the city, he is rendered useless. As the life air was ready to leave the gross body, the subtle body also began to experience pain.

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