narada uvaca
ittham puranjanam nari
yacamanam adhiravat
abhyanandata tam viram
hasanti vira mohita
naradah uvacathe great sage Narada continued to speak; itthamupon this; puranjanamunto Puranjana; narithe woman; yacamanambegging; adhira-vatbeing too impatient; abhyanandatashe addressed; tamhim; viramthe hero; hasantismiling; viraO hero; mohitabeing attracted by him.
Narada continued: My dear King, when Puranjana became so attracted and impatient to touch the girl and enjoy her, the girl also became attracted by his words and accepted his request by smiling. By this time she was certainly attracted by the King.
By this incident we can understand that when a man is aggressive and begins to woo a woman, the woman becomes attracted to the man. This process is described in the Bhagavatam (5.5.8) as pumsah striya mithuni-bhavam etam. This attraction is enacted on the platform of sexual life. Thus the sex impulse is the platform of material engagement. This conditional life, the platform of material sense enjoyment, is the cause of forgetfulness of spiritual life. In this way a living entitys original Krsna consciousness becomes covered or converted into material consciousness. Thus one engages in the business of sense gratification.

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