klpta-harmya-sthalim diptam
sriya bhogavatim iva
nila—sapphires; sphatika—crystal; vaidurya—diamonds; mukta—pearls; marakata—emeralds; arunaih—with rubies; klpta—bedecked; harmya-sthalim—the floors of the palaces; diptam—lustrous; sriya—with beauty; bhogavatim—the celestial town named Bhogavati; iva—like.
The floors of the houses in that city were made of sapphire, crystal, diamonds, pearls, emeralds and rubies. Because of the luster of the houses in the capital, the city was compared to the celestial town named Bhogavati.
In the city of the body, the heart is considered to be the capital. Just as the capital of a state is especially gorgeously filled with various high buildings and lustrous palaces, the heart of the body is filled with various desires and plans for material enjoyment. Such plans are sometimes compared to valuable jewels such as sapphires, rubies, pearls and emeralds. The heart becomes the center for all planning for material enjoyment.

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