barhisat sumaha-bhago
havirdhanih prajapatih
kriya-kandesu nisnato
yogesu ca kurudvaha
barhisatof the name Barhisat; su-maha-bhagahvery fortunate; havirdhanihof the name Havirdhani; praja-patihthe post of Prajapati; kriya-kandesuin the matter of fruitive activities; nisnatahbeing merged in; yogesuin mystic yoga practices; caalso; kuru-udvahaO best of the Kurus (Vidura).
The great sage Maitreya continued: My dear Vidura, Havirdhanas very powerful son named Barhisat was very expert in performing various kinds of fruitive sacrifices, and he was also expert in the practice of mystic yoga. By his great qualifications, he became known as Prajapati.
In the beginning of the creation there were not many living entities, and consequently the very powerful living entities or demigods were appointed as Prajapatis in order to beget children and increase the population. There are many PrajapatisBrahma, Daksa and Manu are sometimes known as Prajapatisand Barhisat, the son of Havirdhana, became one of them.

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