maitreya uvaca
ity adi-rajena nutah sa visva-drk
tam aha rajan mayi bhaktir astu te
distyedrsi dhir mayi te krta yaya
mayam madiyam tarati sma dustyajam
maitreyah—Maitreya, the great sage; uvaca—spoke; iti—thus; adi-rajena—by the original king (Prthu); nutah—being worshiped; sah—He (the Supreme Personality of Godhead); visva-drk—the seer of the whole universe; tam—unto him; aha—said; rajan—my dear King; mayi—unto Me; bhaktih—devotional service; astu—let it be; te—your; distya—by good fortune; idrsi—like this; dhih—intelligence; mayi—unto Me; te—by you; krta—having been performed; yaya—by which; mayam—illusory energy; madiyam—My; tarati—crosses over; sma—certainly; dustyajam—very difficult to give up.
The great sage Maitreya continued by saying that the Lord, the seer of the universe, after hearing Prthu Maharaja’s prayer, addressed the King: My dear King, may you always be blessed by engaging in My devotional service. Only by such purity of purpose, as you yourself very intelligently express, can one cross over the insurmountable illusory energy of maya.
This is also confirmed in Bhagavad-gita, wherein the Lord also claims that the illusory energy is insurmountable. No one can transcend the illusory energy of maya by fruitive activity, speculative philosophy or mystic yoga. The only means for transcending illusory energy is devotional service, as the Lord Himself states: mam eva ye prapadyante mayam etam taranti te (Bg. 7.14). If one wants to cross over the ocean of material existence, there is no alternative than to take to devotional service. A devotee, therefore, should not care for any material position, whether in heaven or in hell. A pure devotee should always engage in the service of the Lord, for that is his real occupation. Simply by sticking to that position, one can overcome the stringent laws of material nature.

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