sa tvam vimrsyasya bhavam prajapate
sankalpanam visva-srjam pipiprhi
aindrim ca mayam upadharma-mataram
pracanda-pakhanda-patham prabho jahi
sah—the aforesaid; tvam—you; vimrsya—considering; asya—of the world; bhavam—existence; praja-pate—O protector of the people; sankalpanam—the determination; visva-srjam—of the progenitors of the world; pipiprhi—just fulfill; aindrim—created by the King of heaven; ca—also; mayam—illusion; upadharma—of the irreligious system of so-called sannyasa; mataram—the mother; pracanda—furious, dangerous; pakhanda-patham—the path of sinful activities; prabho—O Lord; jahi—please conquer.
O protector of the people in general, please consider the purpose of your being incarnated by Lord Visnu. The irreligious principles created by Indra are but mothers of so many unwanted religions. Please therefore stop these imitations immediately.
Lord Brahma addresses King Prthu as prajapate just to remind him of his great responsibility in maintaining the peace and prosperity of the citizens. Maharaja Prthu was empowered by the Supreme Personality of Godhead for this purpose only. It is the duty of the ideal king to see that people are properly executing religious principles. Lord Brahma especially requested King Prthu to conquer the pseudoreligious principles produced by King Indra. In other words, it is the duty of the state or king to put a stop to pseudoreligious systems produced by unscrupulous persons. Originally a religious principle is one, given by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and it comes through the channel of disciplic succession in two forms. Lord Brahma requested Prthu Maharaja to desist from his unnecessary competition with Indra, who was determined to stop Prthu Maharaja from completing one hundred yajnas. Instead of creating adverse reactions, it was better for Maharaja Prthu to stop the yajnas in the interest of his original purpose as an incarnation. This purpose was to establish good government and set things in the right order.

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