iti vyavasito buddhya
sandadhe visikham bhumeh
kruddhas tripura-ha yatha
iti—thus; vyavasitah—having arrived at the conclusion; buddhya—by intelligence; pragrhita—having taken up; sarasanah—the bow; sandadhe—fixed; visikham—an arrow; bhumeh—at the earth; kruddhah—angry; tri-pura-ha—Lord Siva; yatha—like.
Having arrived at a conclusion, the King took up his bow and arrow and aimed them at the earth, exactly like Lord Siva, who destroys the whole world out of anger.
King Prthu found out the cause for the scarcity of food grains. He could understand that it was not the peopleís fault, for they were not lazy in executing their duties. Rather, the earth was not producing sufficient food grains. This indicates that the earth can produce sufficiently if everything is properly arranged, but sometimes the earth can refuse to produce food grains for various reasons. The theory that there is a scarcity of food grains due to an increase of population is not a very sound theory. There are other causes that enable the earth to produce profusely or to stop producing. King Prthu found out the proper causes and took the necessary steps immediately.

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