tatra tatra giras tas ta
iti visruta-vikramah
srosyaty atmasrita gathah
prthuh prthu-parakramah
tatra tatra—here and there; girah—words; tah tah—many, various; iti—thus; visruta-vikramah—he whose chivalrous activities are widely reputed; srosyati—will hear; atma-asritah—about himself; gathah—songs, narrations; prthuh—King Prthu; prthu-parakramah—distinctly powerful.
In this way when the chivalrous activities of King Prthu come to be known to the people in general, King Prthu will always hear about himself and his uniquely powerful activities.
To artificially advertise oneself and thus enjoy a so-called reputation is a kind of conceit. Prthu Maharaja was famous amongst the people because of his chivalrous activities. He did not have to advertise himself artificially. One’s factual reputation cannot be covered.

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