antar bahis ca bhutanam
pasyan karmani caranaih
udasina ivadhyakso
vayur atmeva dehinam
antahinternally; bahihexternally; caand; bhutanamof living entities; pasyanseeing; karmaniactivities; caranaihby spies; udasinahneutral; ivalike; adhyaksahthe witness; vayuhthe air of life; atmathe living force; ivalike; dehinamof all the embodied.
King Prthu will be able to see all the internal and external activities of every one of his citizens. Still no one will be able to know his system of espionage, and he himself will remain neutral regarding all matters of glorification or vilification paid to him. He will be exactly like air, the life force within the body, which is exhibited internally and externally but is always neutral to all affairs.

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