ayam tu prathamo rajnam
puman prathayita yasah
prthur nama maharajo
bhavisyati prthu-sravah
ayam—this; tu—then; prathamah—the first; rajnam—of kings; puman—the male; prathayita—will expand; yasah—reputation; prthuhMaharaja Prthu; nama—by name; maha-rajah—the great king; bhavisyati—will become; prthu-sravah—of wide renown.
Of the two, the male will be able to expand his reputation throughout the world. His name will be Prthu. Indeed, he will be the first among kings.
There are different types of incarnations of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. In the sastras it is said that Garuda (the carrier of Lord Visnu) and Lord Siva and Ananta are all very powerful incarnations of the Brahman feature of the Lord. Similarly, Sacipati, or Indra, the King of heaven, is an incarnation of the lusty feature of the Lord. Aniruddha is an incarnation of the Lord’s mind. Similarly, King Prthu is an incarnation of the ruling force of the Lord. Thus the saintly persons and great sages predicted the future activities of King Prthu, who was already explained as a partial incarnation of a plenary expansion of the Lord.

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