tad drstva mithunam jatam
rsayo brahma-vadinah
ucuh parama-santusta
viditva bhagavat-kalam
tatthat; drstvaseeing; mithunamcouple; jatamborn; rsayahthe great sages; brahma-vadinahvery learned in Vedic knowledge; ucuhsaid; paramavery much; santustahbeing pleased; viditvaknowing; bhagavatof the Supreme Personality of Godhead; kalamexpansion.
The great sages were highly learned in Vedic knowledge. When they saw the male and female born of the arms of Venas body, they were very pleased, for they could understand that the couple was an expansion of a plenary portion of Visnu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
The method adopted by the great sages and scholars, who were learned in Vedic knowledge, was perfect. They removed all the reactions of King Venas sinful activities by seeing that King Vena first gave birth to Bahuka, described in the previous chapter. After King Venas body was thus purified, a male and female came out of it, and the great sages could understand that this was an expansion of Lord Visnu. This expansion, of course, was not visnu-tattva but a specifically empowered expansion of Lord Visnu known as avesa.

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