natyam sugitam vaditram
antardhanam ca khecarah
rsayas casisah satyah
samudrah sankham atmajam
natyam—the art of drama; su-gitam—the art of singing sweet songs; vaditram—the art of playing musical instruments; antardhanam—the art of disappearing; ca—also; khe-carah—demigods traveling in outer space; rsayah—the great sages; ca—also; asisah—blessings; satyah—infallible; samudrah—the demigod of the ocean; sankham—conchshell; atma-jam—produced from himself.
The demigods who always travel in outer space gave King Prthu the arts to perform dramas, sing songs, play musical instruments and disappear at his will. The great sages also offered him infallible blessings. The ocean offered him a conchshell produced from the ocean.

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