agnir aja-gavam capam
suryo rasmimayan isun
bhuh paduke yogamayyau
dyauh puspavalim anvaham
agnih—the demigod of fire; aja-gavam—made of the horns of goats and cows; capam—a bow; suryah—the sun-god; rasmi-mayan—brilliant as sunshine; isun—arrows; bhuhBhumi, the predominating goddess of the earth; paduke—two slippers; yoga-mayyau—full of mystic power; dyauh—the demigods in outer space; puspa—of flowers; avalim—presentation; anu-aham—day after day.
The demigod of fire, Agni, presented him with a bow made of the horns of goats and cows. The sun-god presented him with arrows as brilliant as sunshine. The predominating deity of Bhurloka presented him with slippers full of mystic power. The demigods from outer space brought him presentations of flowers again and again.
This verse describes that the King’s slippers were invested with mystic powers (paduke yogamayyau). Thus as soon as the King placed his feet in the slippers they would immediately carry him wherever he desired. Mystic yogis can transfer themselves from one place to another whenever they desire. A similar power was invested in the slippers of King Prthu.

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