na yastavyam na datavyam
na hotavyam dvijah kvacit
iti nyavarayad dharmam
bheri-ghosena sarvasah
nanot; yastavyamany sacrifices can be performed; nanot; datavyamany charity can be given; nanot; hotavyamany clarified butter can be offered; dvijahO twice-born; kvacitat any time; itithus; nyavarayathe stopped; dharmamthe procedures of religious principles; bheriof kettledrums; ghosenawith the sound; sarvasaheverywhere.
All the twice-born [brahmanas] were forbidden henceforward to perform any sacrifice, and they were also forbidden to give charity or offer clarified butter. Thus King Vena sounded kettledrums throughout the countryside. In other words, he stopped all kinds of religious rituals.
What was committed by King Vena many years ago is at present being carried out by atheistic governments all over the world. The world situation is so tense that at any moment governments may issue declarations to stop religious rituals. Eventually the world situation will become so degraded that it will be impossible for pious men to live on the planet. Therefore sane people should execute Krsna consciousness very seriously, so that they can go back home, back to Godhead, without having to further suffer the miserable conditions predominant in this universe.

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