mahattvam icchatam tirtham
srotuh siladayo gunah
yatra tejas tad icchunam
mano yatra manasvinam
mahattvam—greatness; icchatam—for those desiring; tirtham—the process; srotuh—of the hearer; sila-adayah—high character, etc.; gunah—qualities; yatra—in which; tejah—prowess; tat—that; icchunam—for those who desire; manah—adoration; yatra—in which; manasvinam—for thoughtful men.
Anyone who hears this narration of Dhruva Maharaja acquires exalted qualities like him. For anyone who desires greatness, prowess or influence, here is the process by which to acquire them, and for thoughtful men who want adoration, here is the proper means.
In the material world everyone is after profit, respectability and reputation, everyone wants the supreme exalted position, and everyone wants to hear about the great qualities of exalted persons. All ambitions which are desirable for great persons can be fulfilled simply by reading and understanding the narration of Dhruva Maharaja’s activities.

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